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Updated October 17, 2010

Another picture supplied by Martin Bemment. This picture is 50 years old, I find it quite impresive that a copy has survived. It may be a long time ago but as usual your help is requested in identifying as many people as we can. People are fairly well spaced on this picture, making the task of counting faces a little easier than normal. There is one oddity - row 4 peters out about half way across the picture.

Listed below the picture are those people identified so far. If you can identify any more, then please use the form below to submit the information. If I've got anything wrong then please e-mail me to tell me about it. Please note - unlike other school photos I haven't created a second page with the list only. This saves my time, but if you are feeling the lack of it let me know and I may reinstate it.

75% currently identified.

I have identified the following person

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Row number (1=back 6=front).

Position of person counting from left.

If this position is already identified with another name, are you confident that your ID is correct? Yes Not sure

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1952 Identification list

Row 1, is the back row, row 6 the front row. Numbering is from left to right. A "?" indicates a tentative identification.


Row 1
(39 identified)

Row 2
(43 identified)
Row 3
(30 identified)
Row 4
(14 identified)
Row 5
(37 identified)
Row 6
(30 identified)

1 Elizabeth Ashmore Gill Mr Albert Stares(groundsman) Joyce Stobart
Margaret Morse Gillian Hatton
2 Barbara Timms Angie Sale Barbara Cooper
Beryl Stobart   Vivienne Hunt
3 Margaret? Pat Nicks Margaret
Sheila Buckingham Pam? Joan Davies
4 Diane Frame   Jennifer Abbey Janet Barnes Sheila Strange Dorothy Barratt
5 Avis Franklin   Margaret Edginton
Pauline KyteJill Butler Doreen Pizzie Mary Steed
6 Valerie Siford   Jill Butler Valerie Peachey Susan Cripps Jasmine Steele
7   Rita Duff Janet Barnes Carole Osborne Celia Brooks Mary Holmes
8 Wendy
Kate Smith Kathy Oates Dawn Huckin Maureen Helmore Pat Aries
9   Christina
? Wendy Harbod   Diane Taplin
10 Freda Souch   ? ? Margot Rivers Kate Knibbs
11 Mary White Janet Withers ? ?   Gillian Gurney
12 Ann Townley Christine Harwood ? ?   Valerie Harbod
13 Janet
Wendy Burford ?   Peggy Castle Alison Price
14 Jean Shingler Helen Roberts Daphne Ward Pat Frost Mary Richardson Jennifer Price? Barbara Fathers
15 Angela Ward Jacqui Townley Mary Richardson Margaret Lawson Jean Goffe Irene Oliver
16 Judy Whitcombe Christine Hieatt Mary Baldwin Margaret Absalom Rosa Tidmarsh Daphne
17   Ann Slatter Vera Rooke Alison Forrest Vivian?(school secretary) Ken French
18   Pam Hawtin   Wendy Marshall Miss Harrop Ken Hoverd
19 Gloria Cornell Daphne Widdows   Marion Raine Miss
Dave Smith
20 Maureen Cox Pat
Barbara Ball Sue Bunting Miss Knowles(Sole) Martin Bemment
21 ?Janet Fathers Daphne King Sylvia Pollard Margaret Smith Miss Davies Paul Burbidge
22 Rosemary
Lavinia Pollard ? Janet Leach Miss Dixon Tony Smith
23 Jennifer Hunt Coral Peters ? END Wendy Harbod Mr Martin "Spewy" Hughes
24 ?Mavis Parsons   ?   Mr
Cyril Harris
25 Diana Lay Jean Helmore Maureen ?   Mr Watts John Oliver
26 Angela Baylis Barbara Hatton Tim Ashmore   Mr Partridge Michael Goves
27 Ann Daniels   Jim Cooper   Mr Eccleshall Bob Butler
28   Richard Ring George Lines   Mr Beard Graham Kitchen
29   Bob Daniels Bill Dyke   Mr Gardener Peter Frame
30 Peter Townsend John Betteridge Roy Brooks   Mr Ransome Ray Bryant
31   Ken Berry Ken Fathers   Mr
Peter Harris
32   ?John Abbey Peter Holley   Mr Jeffries END
33 Jeff Sale ?Harold Smith John Pantaney   Mr Gibbs  
34 RobinWoodcock Dave Roberts Malcolm Russell   Roger Miles  
35 John
Trevor Allen David Peake   Brian Benfield  
36 ? Hoare Keith Harding     Ian Kenyon  
37 ? Green ?Davies Julian Powell   Brian Brindle  
38 Malcolm Smith Peter Clacy Hugh Edginton   ? Claridge  
39 Douglas Branson John Simpson ? Thomas   John Berry  
40 Peter Johnson
(There were 2 people of this name at school around this time)
Phillip Stevens David
  Sid Pizzey  
41 Graham Taplin Bruce Durno David Andrews   Gil Rouse  
42 Peter Dix Victor Hunt Ron Baughan   Tony Epton  
43 Gordon Anderson Michael Mason        
44     Tony Williams   END Gordon Anderson
45 Eric Dix John Hainsworth John
46 ? Victor Welton Gerald McDermot John Kinch      
47 Keith Vickers John Goodway Michael Short      
48 Peter
Peter Guy David Holford      
49     Doug Lainchbury
50   Robin Welton END      
51   Peter
52 John Burden Paul Ashmore        

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