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Updated February 26, 2012

"The Grammar School Chipping Norton 1956". This rare picture has been found for us by Martin Bemment. As usual please let us know the names of anyone you can identify, or indeed any info about this picture or the school in 1956.

Listed below the picture are those people identified so far. If you can identify any more, then please use the form below to submit the information. If I've got anything wrong then please e-mail me to tell me about it. Please note - unlike other school photos I haven't created a second page with the list only. This saves my time, but if you are feeling the lack of it let me know and I may reinstate it.

56% currently identified.

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1956Identification list

Row 1, is the back row, row 6 the front row. Numbering is from left to right. A "?" indicates a tentative identification.


Row 1

Row 2 Row 3
Row 4
Row 6
1   Brian Withers John Morgan Bob Daniels   Maurice Hatton
2 Travis David Hunt David Hall John Betteridge
3   John May ?Hoare Michael Goves
  William (Bill) Miller
4 Dennis Aries Roger Edgington Bob Hill Edward Green   Mike Butler
5 Clive Holford James Burrows John Goodway Richard Ring
  Dave Pickard
6 Goves Rodney Hugo Robin Woodcock Malcolm Smith
Gordon Didcock Robert Carter
7 Michael Goscombe ? McCormack Robin Welton Graham Taplin David Beard? / Brian Shadbolt? Terry Woodworth
8   Robert Ring David Smith David Johnson John Burford David Franklin
9     Martin Bemment   Michael Fletcher  
10   Brian Moss ? Townsend Doug Branson Keith Hitchcox  
11 Paul Collier Percy Hunt Dennis Woodhams Peter Mildenhall    
12 Geoff Robinson Philip Barnes Ken Hovard Peter Bridges (Deputy Head Boy) Judith Woodward  
13 Bob Langton David
Graham Reed Trevor Allen Margaret Vipond Malcolm Pratley
14 Michael Hendy Edward Rasmussen Roger Rumens Mike Smith (Head Boy)
  John Richards
15 Keith Hainsworth Derek Beecham Roger
Mr Packard Pat Simms Andy Adams
16 Roger Warren Alan Prosser David Danbury   Sue Hedges  
17 Donald Slatter David Franklin ? Cooper Mr Molesworth Valerie Jones  
18   Roger Smith  John Baker Mr Cornell   Pete Joshua
19 David Humphries John Saunders John Simpson Mr Scott Janet Tipping John Bowen
Peter Hieatt Robin Howells Mr Ransome (Geography) Celia Austin  
21 Mike Peachey Paul Burbidge Pat Scott Mr Beard Helen Murphy David Beard
22 Monty Shaylor Frank Robinson Douglas Jackson Mr Jeffries (Woodwork) Veronica Busby  
23   Geoff Sale John Hainsworth Mr Partridge   Michael Fletcher
24 Brian Healey John Hawtin John Tillotson Mr Watts (Physics) END  
25 Anthony Crawford Robert Townley Maureen Helmore Mr Miles (Maths)   John Chaplin
26 Ray Marshall Barry Vickers Celia Brooks Mr P. Martin (Headmaster)    
27 Laurence Davies Geraldine Scarsbrook Janet Ackerman Miss Dixon (Headmistress / French)    
28 Douglas Holgate Pauline? Jennifer King Miss Davies or Davis   Pat Collier
29   Beryl Stobart Jean Brain Miss Harrop (Biology)    
30   Sheila Buckingham Susan Cripps Miss Bellwood (Art)   David Sparks
31 Elspeth? / Anne? Mcdowell Jasmine
Anne Weale Miss Scott    
32   Gloria Harvey Anne Sergnt Mrs Partridge   Christine Howling?? / Terry Peachey?
33 Judith Pillinger Doreen Pizzey Kate
Mrs Moreton   Janet Tipping??
34 Elspeth? / Anne? Mcdowell Shirley Woodward Val Pickett Mrs Strong   Christopher (Ferdy)Atkins
35   Jean? Jean Coltman Rita Duff   Steve (Etty) Barnett
36 Wendy Simmonds Brenda Campbell Meryl Didcock Alison Price   Rosemary Newman
37 Denise Perry Vivienne
Christine Didcock Kate Smith   Pearl Allen
38 Christine Hall Edwina Perkins Sheila Strange Angie Sale   Elizabeth Cox
39 Marilyn Hill Coral Marshall Marion Gardener Margaret Absalom    
40   Jean Harris Mary Steed Pauline Kyte?    
41 Elizabeth Holmes         Angela Rolls
42 Brenda Jeffreys Elizabeth Gerspatch
Jane Gould Mary Johnson    
43     Diane
Helen Bunting    
44 Barbara Widdows   Dorothy Barratt      
45 Sheila Taplin Ailsa Cooke Barbara Fathers Brenda Woodhams   Maureen Stanley
46 Rima Harvey   Jean Dore June ?   Gillian Beaucham
47 Veronica Jones ? Janet Keen Irene Oliver     Margaret Perry
48 Wendy Talbot Margaret Griffin Daphne Warren     Rose Ivings
49 May Rassmussen Sheila Smith Anna Watkins      
50 Carol Simpson Jennifer Fawdry
Yvonne Reynolds     END
51 Janice Toogood Anne Rogers Dorothy Cox Margaret Barratt,    
52 Veronica Bridges Valerie Taylor Yvonne Amos Janet Austin    
53 Stella Gardner   Mary Holmes END    
54 Christine Dodd Julia Sims Pat Aries      
55   Jill Canning Vivienne Hunt      
56 Susan Gibbs Sue Dyke Janet Lewis      
57 Ruth Bunting Julianne Cooper Dorothy Garrison      
58 Virginia Ring Jennifer Smith Rosemary?      
59 Rosalind Tustian          
60 Judith Weale Agnes McCaulay END      
61 Janet Jeffs Janet Baker        
63 Carol Bunting          
64 Josephine Leahy Jennifer Stevens.        
65   END        

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