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Updated November 5, 2014

The 1958 picture was kindly supplied by Martin Bemment.

Trevor Payne was one of the pupils photographed, standing at the front. He recalls: "I can still recall my relief at being stood on firm ground rather than balanced on benches or tables. If I recall correctly the back row were on benches on top of tables!"

School blazers with the castle badge are in evidence on this picture. Mike Grinnell-Moore tells us: "Castle blazer badges were used as Colours awards when I was at school. I have one for Athletics dating from 1948!". In later years the badge was worn by all boys on their blazers.

Please count with great care on this picture. The front three rows in particular are muddled in places.

Listed below the picture are those people identified so far. If you can identify any more, then please use the form below to submit the information. If I've got anything wrong then please e-mail me to tell me about it.

0% currently identified.

Please check against the list below before submitting. The person may already have been identified.

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1958Identification list

Row 1 is the back row, row 9 the front row. Numbering is from left to right. A "?" indicates a tentative identification.

Front rows
The front three rows are so muddled that the system of counting heads really doesn't work on this picture. I am experimenting with putting numbers directly on the picture to see if this is more effective. If you want to identify anyone in these rows, email me giving some information about roughly where the person is, what they look like and what the people next to them look like.

People numbered on the picture:
Patrick Huckin
2 Wendy Jackson
3 Christine Hutt


Row 1

Row 2
Row 3

Row 4

Row 5
Row 6
Row 7
Row 8
Row 9

1       Judith Dix Mary Guerney       Pauline?
2 Maureen Sollis   Gill Jones         Ann Hiatt Sue Tait
3 Barbara Keen   Betty McCauley   Jill Goodacre
    Rosemary Edginton
4 Michael Clapton Susan Holmes Judith Woodward Christine Hall Sue Bench   Pat Gibbard   Rachael Huckin
5   Gill Beachamp Dawn Summers   Celia Perry   Jennifer Strickley Wendy Pratley Judith Edgington
6     Janet Tipping           Joyce Brain
7     Dorothy Timms       Rosalind Austin    
8     Celia Austin   Barbara Barnes Pat Brookes Janice Bench? Margaret Vipond Ann Lawson
9   Brenda Woodhams Wendy Talbot Ann Scroggs Laraine Greathead       Valerie Seymour
10     Judith Weale       Christine Hutt Valerie Sims Valerie Crudge
11 Eunice Warmington         Janet Austin Julie Godson Dawn Chesterman  
12 Diane Roughton Gwen Dunbar Mary Johnson         Carolyn Sangers Penny Hinksman
13 Ann Pickett   Christine Howling   Yvonne Waters     Gwen Dunbar Sandra Sheffield
14     Helen Murphy Brenda Jeffries       Diane Walker Wendy Hawtin
15 Sheila Gray Barbara Epton Stella Gardner     Anne Weale     Bridget Hopkinson (Heads daughter)
16     Christine Dodd     Geraldine Scarsbrook     Lynsey Thomas
17         Harold Rainbow Susan Cripps     Amy Rasmussen
18     Anne Priestland   Janet Baldwin Pat Aries     Anne Hawse
19       Elspeth or Ann McDowell Joyce Fowler       Janet Cooper
20 Jennifer Guy     Janice Toogood Pat Herbert Mary Holmes     Suzanne Keen
21 Elizabeth Cox May Rasmussen       Gwyneth Warrick (nee Burbidge) ? secretary ?
    Pat Sale?
22   Carol Bunting              
23   Janet ?             Judith Clacey
24 Pearl Allen         Mrs Ransome Gill Brown    
25               Janet Newman Janet Newman
26 Jennifer Stevens         Miss Margaret Bellwood Sue Cadd   Margaret Fleetwood
27         Sandra Feijo Aggie Davis (Davies ?) ? domestic science Trixy Yates   Roger Cozier
28     Ingrid Jeffrey   Norma Webley Mrs Partridge     Dave Lodge
29 Rosemary Newman           Muriel White    
30 Veronica Busby Jennifer Pearce   Virginia ? Bernadette Quartermain Mrs Naunton Judith Court    
31     Josephine Leahy     Miss Harrop      
32     Sheila Taplin   Jenny Privett Miss Dixon - Headmistress      
33     Veronica Bridges Margaret Griffin   Mr Hopkinson     Roger Clarke
34     Susan Hedges Barbara Widdows   Mr Leonard Miles   Phillip Boddington  
35 Jennifer Hallam         "Spotty" Watts (or Watson?) -Physics   Stuart Judge  
36 Elaine Godfrey   Pat Simms     Mr Partridge Jim Irvine Malcolm Hatton  
37           Charlie Beard   Calvin Ealey  
38       Chunky Townley   Mr Ransome      
39   Andrew Adams Ruth Bunting   Bruce Coombes Mr Richards   Nigel Witts  
40   Bill Shirley     Mark Churchill Mr Orr      
41 Sonia Hitchcox Michael Butler     Brian Padley Mr. Nicholas? / Mr Morgan?      
42   Terry Cox (?) Roger Franklin
(Davids younger Brother)
Brian Ely Richard Elliott Mr Weston      
43         Chris Baldwin Mr Wervill   Graham Franklin  
44 Michael Clapton "Spud" Cross Mick Wykart   John McCormack Mr Lawrence (?)   Robert Routledge David Brown
45     William Ferry   Shannon Harris Mr Molesworth Mike Bridges   Travis
46     Paul Collier   Victor Hugo   Brian Caswell    
47   Keneth Wakefield Frank Robinson   Rodger Hutchison Mr Cliff Rogers Eric Clarke   Bob Bunting
48 Maurice Hatton Brina Shadbolt Keith Hitchcocx   Eric Coles Mr Ivor Lynsdale   Ralph Hinchliffe  
49   Martin Harvey John Burford James Burrows Colin Batey Mr Ord (History) Pete Grantham Peter Briton Hicks
50       Rodney Hugo       END Anthony Keen
51 Michael Thomas Pat Cooper              
52   John Lowe       Spriggy Jeffries - Woodwork David Perry   Anthony Keen
53     David Howling Monty Shayler          
54 John Hunt Peter Hanks Lewis Newman           Algy Anderson
55   Terry Woodward             END
57     Bobby Yates       Kenny Lovegrove    
58           Percy Hunt      
59   Michael Fletcher Brian Withers       END    
60         Michael White Brian Moss
61 Brian Cooper         David Franklin      
62 David Pickard         David Tarrant      
63   David Beard              
64           Brian McCormack
66     David Powell Les Hawtin Philip Barnett END      
68 Brian Leith       Trevor Payne        
69 Chris (Ferdy) Atkins       Alan Bradford        
70 Steve Barnett   Raymond Beecham            
71       Roger Warren          
72   Terry Leadbetter              
73 Tim Ludlow   Chris Boulter            
74 Neil Thornton     END          
75 George Taylor   John Richards            
78 Pete       Sean Leith        
79   END              
80     END   Phil Johnson        
82 Godfrey Calcutt                

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