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Updated March 18, 2012

The 1964 photo has been scanned for us by Peter Ridgway, a classmate of mine from Churchill Primary School. It was very generous of Peter to search out and scan this picture for us as he actually did not go to Chippy School, although other members of his family did so. Peter is now running a former pupils website for Burford School.

The picture is taken near the sports hall. The open-sided appearance of the hall is interesting. Pat Cooper (nee Newman) tells us: "That was what we called the outdoor gym and it had no walls along two sides. It was extremely cold and windy to be in. I spent many tennis lessons having to hit a ball against the wall. If you had never played tennis before the teacher, Miss Allen, didn't want to know."

Listed below the picture are those people identified so far. If you can identify any more, then please use the form below to submit the information. If I've got anything wrong then please e-mail me to tell me about it. Please note - unlike other school photos I haven't created a second page with the list only. This saves my time, but if you are feeling the lack of it let me know and I may reinstate it.

9% currently identified.

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1964Identification list

Row 1, is the back row, row 8 the front row. Numbering is from left to right. A "?" indicates a tentative identification.


Row 1

Row 2 Row 3
Row 4
Row 5
Row 6
Row 7
Row 8
1     Ivor Baker   Bruce Coombes      
2 Roger Colman   Roger Mold     David Hanks   Chris (Twiddles) Langford
3 Donald Hoare   Philip Brown Chris Nicks Allan Bradford   Gary Hitchcock? Simon Moir  
4 Steve Sheffield Patrick Nolan   Nick (Crabby) Johnson     Bob Deering Alan Hicks? / Terry Cozier?
5 Keith Ponsford Richard Sheffield Peter Morgan   Pete Nuttall? / Alan Bradford?   Ian Whiford Colin Calcutt
6 Robert Awdry   Philip Gould   Stuart Judge   Stephen Clapton?    
7 Dave Edgington Graham Routledge Steve Weston   Trevor Payne Jeremy Scarrott?       
8 Angus Rose Keith Payne     Rob Coltman      
9 Colin Hughes   Anthony Quaile   Peter Nutall     Colin Keyzor was Tinghey
10 Julian Warrick Richard Hall? / Leslie Robson?     Christopher Grant
  David Smart  Terry Wilkins 
11   Paul Canning Dean Harper   Chris Baldwin James Trainer Alan Lewis Antony Allen
12   Pete Ward Michael Faulkner   Ken Smith   Carl (Knobby) Riley Richard Lines
13 'Bert' Perry   Steve Morris   Colin Batey Stephen Bartlett    
14 Ian Trainer Richard Benfield Michael Head David Jones Richard Elliott     Ian Charles Morrey
15 Nick Allerton   Peter Keen Nigel Canning? / Peter (Jock) Hutchison? Anthony Blagrove     Jeremy Stapleton
16     Robert Dix? / Peter Calcutt? Bill Holmes Christopher Travis Michael Bartlett
17   Dave Whitford Ron Dix Graham Perkins Godfrey Calcutt Martin Newman Simon Dickinson  
18   Pat Franklin     Peter Hunt Alan Souch ? Victor Hugo   
19     Roger Sewell   Robert Routledge Ian Hoare  Stephen Tanner  Neil Cockburn
20 Malcolm Fiddler   Barry Fletcher   Phillip Boddington Glynn Watkins   Lee Francis
21 Allen Swann Maurice Chittenden
Stuart Smith       Neale Wallington  Stephen Faulkner? 
22 Peter Leahy Sammy Burham
    Mr Parish
Terry Cozier Stephen Horne  
23 Stephen Ransome Alan Weikert     Mr Linsdell (Art) Vernon Aldridge David Korzewski  
24 Derek Tipping       Michael Molesworth RE ? Steve Phillips Percy Prlina  
25   Alan Smith     Mr Beard (French)
  Derek Yates ?  
26 Martin Moulder Chris Mollart Tim Parrish   Mr Morgan (Agricultural Science)     "Noddy" Hemmings  
27 Steven Panting?       Mr Jeffries (Woodwork)   Clive Howling  
28 John Coburn?     Robert Hain Mr Cliff Rogers Paul Newman   Michael Smith? 
29       Brian Parsons Mr Benwell (Metalwork)     David Smith? / Dave Pratley? 
30   Peter Kennedy   Mike Graham Mr Wright (English)   Chris Cornforth  
31 Tony Pratley Alan Judge Stephen Thornton   Mr Noble
  John Smith  
32   Alan Souch "Tid" Millard   Mr Silcock (Chemistry) Jeremy Bishop Nick Page  
33 Robert Armstrong
  Peter Talbot   Mr Beale (Maths)     Robert? Stevens
34 Nigel Phillips Edward Steele David Shayler Michael Dix Mr Burr (Maths) Robin Nerden    
35 'Fanny' Hill
  Michael Rogers Dexter Pratley Mr Ransome (Geography)
Dennis Cox? / Eric Simms?     END
36 Michael Willey David Stevens   Peter Madeley Mr Watts
Eric Simms    
37 Ian Smith   Paul Huckin? / Derek Beckett? William Borland (Bill) Mr Sewell (Deputy Head) Andrew Carter Martin Hicks  
38     David Bridges   Mr Hobkinson (Headmaster) Tim Balfour Linda Jennings  
39 Rodney Rose   Mike Beauchamp   Mrs Sewell (French) ????? Baker      
40 Phillip Barnet Alan Bradford
Graham Coles Michael Smythe Miss Harrop (Biology)      
41 Ian Pearman Francis Henderson
  Ian Clacy Keith Taylor (Games)      
42 Colin Woodward Peter Andrews     Mr John Booth (metalwork) Arthur Morris    
43 Clive Richardson   Alison Tipping   David Eddershaw (History) Robert Moulder    
44   Edwin Hutt Dennise Greahead (Morgan)   Mr Jones (History)?      
45     Sandra Benwell          
46         Bill Richards Allan Baker    
47         Miss Bellwood (Art)      
48   Diane Walker     Mr Knightall      
49   Susan Harris   Claire Datson Mrs Parrish Frances Upton    
50 Janet Roper Marilyn Taylor Pat Hemmings   Mrs Ransome (Geography)
51 Maureen Rance Deborah Lee Madge Calcutt   Mrs Parnell(cookery)
52 Barbara Harris   Gwyneth Smith   Miss Tempest Kathleen Timms    
53     Suzanne Duff   Mrs Waller      
54         Miss Burgess (later Mrs Douse) Lorraine Davies    
55       Jane Smart Mrs Panrucker (typing etc)      
56   Lynn Duley   Jane Sewell Mrs Parish? (needlework)   Cynthia Riley  
57 Sandra McAbe       Miss Allen (PE)   Anne Hergt Scarlett
58 Helen Guy           Sally Putman  
59 Liz Graham     Jane Craft Sandra Shayler   Linda Widdows  
60 Carole Sale   Jenny Collyer Jane Roughton Jenny Edginton     Elizabeth Nash
61   June Roach     Valerie Crudge      
63         Naomi Parish      
64   Mandy Moir     Anne Hawse Lynn Scarsbrooke    
65 Debbie Moir       Susan Harte      
66   Elsie Beasley Sarah Bunting Elizabeth Burr Janet Beard Pat Newman    
67 Jenny Hambridge Sue Ayres     Christine Harris      
68 Christine Watts Linda Thornton     Judith Franklin      
69 Jean Sollis Edna Simms       Kathy Hyne (blonde hair, position may be wrong)
71 Marlene Scarsbrook         Susan Guy END  
72 Sheila Britten         Cereta Drewett    
73 Sheila Britten         Nicola Chetwynd-Stapleton    
74 Linda Blackman       END Cynthia Riley    
75           Wendy Braybrook    
76 Janet Moss         Brenda Brown    
77           Sally Bartlett    
79   Pauline Brown       Susie Newman    
81 Jean Knight   Kathleen Birch          
82     Sandra Ridgeway          
83 Caroline Harris Brenda Witts Jenny Knibbs          
84 Natalie Shearer   Susan Putman          
85 Pauline Robinson   Margaret Benfield
86 Delores Lewis   Lynda Kent          
87     Jenny Taplin     END    
88 Kate Beauchamp Qwen Goscombe END          
89 Pamela Allen              
90 END              
91 68-, 69-, 71 - Marlene Scarsbrook, 72 is , 74-, 76- Lily Burnham            

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