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Updated April 7, 2012

As usual due to the size and detail of this picture it is displayed larger than the screen. Please use the scroll bars to view the picture in its entireity.

Richard Brooks has obtained this picture for us, from his brother Andrew Brooks. Thanks also to Ian Huckin for scanning this old and fragile picture. Keith Payne confirms that the badges denote prefects.

Listed below the picture are those people identified so far. If you can identify any more, then please use the form below to submit the information. If I've got anything wrong then please e-mail me to tell me about it.

I have seen a copy of this photo with "Oct 1967" at the bottom instead of just "1967" as here.

28% currently identified.

Please check against the list below before submitting. The person may already have been identified.

I have identified the following person

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Row number (1=back 8=front).

Position of person counting from left.

If this position is already identified with another name, are you confident that your ID is correct? Yes Not sure

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1967 Identification list

Row 1, is the back row, row 8 the front row. Numbering is from left to right. A "?" indicates a tentative identification.


Row 1
(20 identified)

Row 2
(24 identified)
Row 3
(53 identified)
Row 4
(39 identified)
Row 5
(48 identified)
Row 6
(58 identified)
Row 7
(23 identified)
Row 8
(57 identified)
1   Carol Branson Barbara Birchmoor Jean Pocock   Hilary Bryant   Maria Castinerez
2   Carol Knight   Charmaine Rose   Susan Weale   Lorraine Ogden
3 Georgina Hodges     Katheleen Holt   Margaret Gladstone   Liz Kemp
4     Caroline Kench Jane Head Sandra Peachy Janet Ibotson Carol Aldridge Anna Wright
5   Ann Lilley Alizoun Bonfield Janet ? Susan Palmer Maureen Harrison Margaret Joyce Mealin Sarah Coles
6   Jean Stutchbury Katherine Wright   Judith Wynn Rosalind Adams Maggie Lawrence Christine Bushnell
7   Jane Harper? / Kathy Gillham? Kathy Gillam   Jeanette Longshore ? Jane Cripps   Susan Harris
8         Anna Gatling Jane Kench Janet Wallington Janine Eden
9   Philip Worvill?   Mary ? Jane Rathbone Mandy Moir   Susan Lewis
10 Elaine Gulliver   John Figly? Susan Lewis Mary Widdows   Sue Orchard  
11 Susan Shadbolt       Jenny Woodward Mr Burden (Technician) Ray Burden Marie Antkowiak
12 June Hitchcox Joan Morton     Mary Clifton Miss Bellwood (art) Joy Hannant Jane Heritage
13 Trevor Witts       Caroline Putnam Miss Whittall (English Teacher)
Jeanette Houlahan Jeanne Antkowiak
14     Claire Datson   Heather Gardner Harry Heron (Caretaker) Linder Keen Elaine Soper
15   Susan Guy? / Dorothy Hortin? Alison Gomm Jenny Sale Debbie ? Eva Heron(Assistant Caretaker) Josephine Smith Ruth Eaton
16     Scarlett Walker   Jane Johnson   Jean Austin Nicola Sollis
17       Christine Cherry Wendy Legge   Jane Warr Sue?
18   Elizabeth Nash   Leslie Cook Kay Murry   Linda Clegghorn Susan Blake
19 Susan Lye Janice Nicks Sheila Molloy Valerie Stevenson Anne Cripps Alison Soskice (English Teacher)   Lindsay Forbes
20   Celia Muston   Susan Lewis (with hand over mouth) Angela Kench Isabel ? (French Teacher) Jennifer Sunderland Virginia Sokol
21   Linda Jennings Sandra Walsh   Jacquie Newman Miss Allen, PE teacher Dawn Mitchell Rosamund Nockels
22   Suzanne Harris Lynne Robinson   Maria Olivery Mr Benwell - Metalwork Brenda Hillman Ann Baker
23     Caroline Smith   Tina Blackman Mr Jeffries - Woodwork Enid Simms Ann Simons
24   Dorothy Warren Penny Maisey Jane Craft Lorna Manley

Mr. Ransome (Geography teacher)

Rebecca Bartlett Maria Rinaldi
25 Shirley Waters     Sylvia Harrison Caroline Smith Mr Beard (French teacher)   Shirley ?
26         Ruth Innis Mr Beale - Maths Teacher   Liz Craft
27       Elizabeth Graham Perl Moulder Mr Easterbrook (maths)   Katy Ward
28     Gillian Balfour
Jane Sewell Elizabeth Simms Mr Rogers (maths) Lynn Dunbar Valerie Souch
29     Jean Knight   Christine Lucket Mrs Furnish (Typing & Commerce teacher) Margaret "Maggie" Joyce Pamela Fawdry
30     Edna Simms Bridget ? Sheila Graham   Susan Morris Christine Tyler
31     Wendy Warner Rosemary Worville Vicky Robinson Mrs Beale (Now Miss Addison) Rae Murry Pamela Fawdry
32 Ian Moss     Mary Cox   Mrs Brooks Susan Fletcher Julia Hood
33     Sue Wearing Lyn Coles Dawn Winson   Sue ? Michael Smart
34 Bob Duncan   Pauline Sandell Jane Smart Janet Giles     Ian Moss
35 Gordon Gill   Sally Bartlett   Jocelyn Craft Mr McNally   ? Reid ?
36 Martin Hannant   Cereta Drewett Jane Rouse?   Mr Holt (dep head)   John Tomlin
37     Cynthia ? Kerry ?   Arthur Nockels (Headmaster) Alana Quartermaine John Linforth
38   Angela Vale Kay Hobbs Cathy Hines    Miss Robinson (RE, dep Head)   Stuart Watts
39 Pedal Barnard Paula Morgan   Valerie (or Irene) Moss   Mrs. Ransome, Geography teacher   Michael Hannis
40   Esther Obrien   Irene (or Valerie) Moss Celia James     Philip Worvill
41         Mary Knowland     Andrew Brooks
42 Charles Benfield       Sandra McCabe Mr Craven (Chem)   Alec Goodwin
43         Josephine Aschan      
44 Chris Nolan   Sylvia Fowler     Mr Saunders (Hist)    
45 Rob Dix   Susan Townsend Keith Ponsford   David Eddershaw (History teacher) Peter Dunford Jonathan Guy
46 Trevor Witts   Martin Tyack Richard Sheffield   Mr James- PhysicsTeacher Andy Gould Robert Caswell
47       Michael "Boris" Grimm     Glyn Thornton Simon Mansell
48     Geoff Stansfield / Stephen Bartlett? Dave Walman   Mr Jones (PE teacher) Brian Cherry Stephen Widdows
49       Peter Ward   Mr Craig   Frank Mealin
50       Chris Mollart   ? (Special Needs teacher) John Kirk Simon Mansell
51 Alan Cross     Graham Coles   Mr Underwood (French teacher) Paul White Stephen Widows
52 James Thompson?   Jonathan Bamsey Billy Holmes   Mr Linsdale (Art).   Frank Mealin
53 Colin Keyzor   Brian Stayte Graham Hicks   Mr Dams, English teacher Andy Tanner David Perry
54     Ronald Arthur     Mr Knightall Bruce Carter David Stares
55   Martin Newman Anthony Hobbs Simon Feakins   Mr Noble (Biology teacher) Alan White Paul Slade
56     Brian Forbes     Malcolm Fiddler Paul Coles David Perry
57 Karl Corzeski Martin Mollart Richard Wassell (Dick)     Robert Oliver   Peter Little
58 Timothy Colburn         Peter Leahy (Mick)   Peter Furnish
59     John Smith Graham Perkins   Carl Riley   Donald Hicks
60     Robert Carter? / Nick Page? Peter Madeley Jamie Moir Maurice Chittenden   Stephen 'Snips' Parsons
61     Chris Cornforth Graham Soame John Roughton Alan Swann Andy (Crippo) Cripps END
62       Brian Parsons Neil Greathead Christopher Archer (Chick)    
63       Alan Souch Martin Gould Nigel Phillips    
64     Michael Smythe Paul Newman Snoddy' Hemmings Derek Beckett George Pinfold  
65     Ian Whippy     Richard Benfield    
66     (Kenny) Cooper Nigel Canning   Roger Sewell   Nick Hooper
67     Nicholas Feakins Roger Crudge David Watts Colin Hughes   Barry Foley
68       Michael Such   Keith Payne? Adrian Tenisson  
69 Guy Notman Keith Widows Peter Wastie   Nick Fiddler Paul Canning   Nick Archer
70 END Robert Stevens   Titch Akers   Arthur Bolton    
71       Colin Hovard
? Harrison END    
72     Stephen Tanner   Alistair Coltman      
73     Jeremy Bishop          
74     Colin Simms Michael Jeffries Roger Moulder      
75     Victor Hugo   Terry Wyatt      
76     Jeremy Scarrott Simon Harrison Glynn ?   END  
77     Neale Wallington Robert Hain (Hank - not any more though!)        
78     Philip King          
79     Michael Mansel          
80     Brian Grant?          
81     Philip Huckin          
82             Guy Notman  
83   Andrew Thornton Paul Merry   Charlie 'Crow' Korszewski      
84   Kevin Cooper Peter Simms?   Alan Tomlin      
85         David Cobern?      
86     Victor Hugo   'Keeper' Brown      
87   Barry Goodway Tony Steel   END      
88   Paul Gosling            
89   Lawrence Busby   END        
90   Pete Boss            
91   Nigel Adams            
92   Nigel Donovan END          
100   Paul Gosling            
101   Richard Bayliss            

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