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Updated December 10, 2011

I apologise for the fact that this picture is a little awkward to view on a web page. Being a long thin picture it doesn't fit easily on a computer screen. I have left it at its original size and resolution for ease of identifying particular people. Please use the scroll bars to view the picture in its entireity.

Here is the latest addition to our school photo series, the 1970 picture kindly provided and scanned for us by Pierre Margetts. We think this was the last time that the school population was photographed in its entirety. Once again we are trying to identify the people in the picture. This may be a more difficult task than with the 1978 picture. Although I did know some of the people on the photo, that was when they were older than shown here so I will be entirely reliant on you out there to come up with names!

Please be aware that on this picture the front two rows are a little confused in places therefore I have combined the numbers for these rows. If you have an identification of anyone in these rows please email me with a description of the person, the general area and a description of those next to them. Thanks.

Listed below the picture are those people identified so far. If you can identify any more, then please use the form below to submit the information. If I've got anything wrong then please e-mail me to tell me about it.


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Position of person counting from left.

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Regrettably I have had to take this form offline due to almost continuous spamming. You can email identifications to

Please make a seperate submission for each person you wish to add. If you have a long list then e-mail

1970 Identification list

Row 1, is the back row, row 12 the front row. Numbering is from left to right. A "?" indicates a tentative identification. The front two rows merge and split at points therefore I have counted these as one row (numbering faces L-R).

Clicking on a hyperlinked name will take you to that person's entry on the Ex-Chippy page.


Row 1

Row 2 Row 3 Row 4 Row 5 Row 6 Row 7 Row 8 Row 9 Row 10 FRONT
Rows 11 &12
1 Mary North Helen Pulker Ann Coles   Jackie Wood Joan Adams Sarah Hooper   Neil Bramwell   Brian Wood
2 Christina Roberts Mitzi Whitton? / Ina Beadle? Susan Prlina Amanda Haney   Susan Harris Rachel Warr   John Baston Joe Shepherd Kim Bundy
3 Edna Hickman ? / Sarah Jane Walton? Bridget Millard Jackie Irons Pauline Smith Denise Bradford Linda Hicks Maureen Hannis Brenda Morris (School Secretary) David Pratley Andre Thorne  
4 Margaret Parkin Fiona Hutchinson Janet Savill Pauline Wyatt Susan Heap Ann Geddes Lynne Stewart Pearl Moulder Norman Hemming Rikki Whitton
(Hand in front of face!)
Susan Bundy?
5 Shirley Sole Christine Nunan Christine Winchester Denise Houlahan Sarah Harper Susan ? Pauline Ackerman   Mr.Darby
(metal & woodwork teacher)
  Paul Smith
6 Nicola Sharpe Debbie Harding   Sarah Cox Susan Slatter Pat Cantwell Yvonne Battersby Connie Baptiste Mr.Lister
(Biology teacher)
Neil Shirley Sandra Bundy?
7   Jenny Bunce David Arthur Linda Tyler   Jackie Goodway Liz Jennings Carol Woodward David Eddershaw
(History teacher)
Danny Williams  
8 David Perry Theresa Heritage   Jackie Parker Denise Beesley Yvonne Wilkinson Karen Hannant Elizabeth Burton John Jeffries
(Woodwork teacher)
Vincent Smith Karen Smith
9 Glynn Wilson Derek Allen David Wearing Rosemary Read Steve Widows     Yvonne Bayliss Mr.Bigglestone
(History teacher)
Nick Thresher Trevor Beadle
10   Clive Hambridge Eddie Howes Anthony Gordon   John Linforth
Robert Caswell Carole Hinchliffe Ferdie' MaCormack
Graham White Sharon Hicks
11   Peter Little   David Harrison   Pete Nolan Donald Hicks Roger Dickinson Trevor Easterbrook
(Maths teacher)
12 Robert Blake Billy Salter Steve 'Snips' Parsons
Nicholas Bonfield Robert Days Ian Moss Simon Mansell Ken Watts Owen Underwood (Teacher - French & German) Peter? Miles? Debbie Mowbray
13 Roger Moulder Chris Martin Robert "Snoddy" Hemmings Martin Heyden Jimmy Savage Greg ? (canadian) "Bluey" Turner John Duval John Mugford
(Geography teacher)
Kenny Hawtin  
14   Martin Read Alister Coleman Richard Louch Willie Thornton Terry Carvel Peter Furnish?
Andrew Brooks Mr Benwell
(Metalwork teacher)
  John Fowler
15 Kevin Honour Michael Palmer Alec Goodwin Paul Ducker   Charles Hunt Ian Windsor David Stares ? Special needs teacher. Vaughan John  Carole Joyce
16 Kevin Riley Raymond Clatworthy Mike Hannis Mike Smart     Martin Gould Jeremy Hirons Mr Phillips (German teacher) Andy Gatling Ernie Beadle
17 Nick Fidler Neil Fowler Oliver Herrin Alan England Terry Wyatt David Townsend Terry Bunce? Kevin Irwin John Byl
(Chemistry teacher)
  Sally Winson
18 Karl Korszewski "Hiney" Mark Worvill David Baker? Michael Harbod David Watts   John Tomalin   Mr.Gerrient Jones
(PE teacher)
Simon Jeffries Brian Ryman? Nigel Jarvis?
19 Roger Stevens   Mark Beard   Keith Barnes Stuart Watts Tony Winterborne   John? Campbell (Science teacher)   Janet Clifton
20 Richard Arthur   Colin Godfrey Stephen Spencer Johnny Guy Jeanne Ponsford Wendy Whitaker Paul Gossling Mr.James
(Physics teacher)
  Steve Nicks
21 Rosemary Holmes? Stephen Dore Jane Heritage Stephen Tomlinson? / Stephen Toms? Virginia Sokol Pamela Fawdry Barbara Willey Richard Baylis Charlie Beard
(French teacher)
Paul Willoughby Jacqui Yardley
22 Jenny Tutton Sarah Coles Christine Moss Liz Kemp Yvonne Patterson Amanda Clark/Clarke Jackie Barrett Valerie Weaver Dr Wright
(English teacher)
  Stephen Thornton
23 Eunice Eddy Lorraine Ogden Susan Lovejoy Christine Hounslow Liz Craft Lesley Scroggs Kathryn Ward Julie Hogben Cliff Rogers
Nigel Jarvis  
24 Janet Grimmett Denise Stayte Marie Antkoviak Wendy Hall   Janet West Jackie Maisey Susan Bamsey Tony Went
(Maths teacher)
Alex Nash (Gnasher) Peter Woodin
25 Maria Rinaldi Christine Bushnell Jeanne Antkoviak Sandra Hughes Nicola Sollis Laurie Marley Marie Marley Elain Gulliver Mr Linsdale
(Art teacher)
  (Peter?/Michael?) Robins
26 Paula Watkins Susan Blake Melanie Walker   Linda Young Christine Tyler Marita Pratley Carol Watson Mr Noble (teacher)   Colin Brain
27 Anna Wright Rosamund Nockels Lorraine Aldsworth Susan Clifton Valerie Souch Richard Dix Richard Paish Lisa Linsdale Herr Grimm (German Assistant)    
28 Erika Kuznik (So her husband says) Ruth Eaton Veronica Salter Sue Simms Andrew Collard Nicholas Hooper Nick Hooper Anthony Smith Mr.Micheal Beale
(Head of lower school, Maths)
Ian Rose Trevor Stewart
29 Richard Quartermain (aka Boots)   Trevor Hobbs Lyndsey Forbes Paul Dernley Jeremy Hammerton Guy Notman   Brian? Horrocks
(Deputy Head)
30 David James? Sandra Dix Richard Judge Steven Akers Adrian Tuenissen Pete Boss Gerald Wild Nigel Canning Arthur Nockels
Audrey Webb  
31 Nigel Donovan Ian Nunan Nigel Adams Terry Pratley Nick Archer   Geoff Timms   Joan Robinson
  Steve Carrier
32 Raymond Smith Michael Slatter Laurence Busby Barry Puddle Paul Bowerman Caroline Kench Katherine Smith Stephen Faulkner Michael Knightall
(Music teacher)
  Edmund Sokol (Empsy)
33 Anne Horrocks Andrew Harvey Tom Rose Maureen ? Heather Goodman Jane Cox Alizoun Bonfield   Ms Campbell (Geography)   Mark Allen
34 Jeanette Fawdrey Alan Tomlin   Barry Souch Alison Poulter Cindy Hain Pamela Crudge   Miss Elkins Maths (Teacher)    
35 Lesley Guntrip Yvonne Read Becky Pearman (nee Bartlet?)   Margaret Joyce (Maggie) Lynn Dunbar Amanda Rose   Miss Astley (PE Teacher)    
36 Dave Bishop?         Arthur Griffin Roger Parsons Richard Ibbotson (teacher)    
37 Barry Long Laetitia Mosurska Peter (Parrot) Eden Josephine Smith Graham Taylor   Andrew Gould   Miss 'Dot' Whittle
(English teacher)
Lorraine Smith? / Anne Freeman? Andrew Miazga (American)
38 Colin Eley John Aldridge   Jamie Moir?   George Pinfold Peter Townsend Neil Cockburn Mrs. Addison
(Home Economics teacher)
39 Keith Wiggins Christopher Mitchell Brian Shurmer Graham Lee Paul Coles Glyn Thornton John Morewood? / Glyn Thorton? Janet Haytree Mrs Gomm
Beverley Kiff Tim Wilson
40 Neil Greathead Anthony Oliver Michael Hall Andrew Tanner Rodney Pulker Alan White Paul White Tim Boyce Joan Hannant - Commerce teacher Cherie Battersby  
41 David Gordon   Steve Heyden Nick Blencowe   Martin Pratley Ian Huckin   Miss Underwood (Later Mrs Woods) (teacher)    
42   Pat Pratley     George Wren Carole Vale Carol Knight Ian Debling Miss Needham (English teacher)    
43   Timothy Pearce Robert Benfield   Jane Johnson Julie Towland? / Susan Parker? Barbara Birchmore David Cherry Sue Keen (later married Ferdie MaCormack) (English teacher)    
44 Mary Widows Roger Paish Vicky Robinson Marylin Holifield Elizabeth Simms Sharon Olivers Elizabeth Simms Andy Cripps Jill? Or June Knight (English teacher) Yasmin Wallington  
45 Jackie Duval Carol Holifield Maria Oliveri Ian Cooper Chris? Linsdale Yvonne Breeze Charmaine Rose Carole Branson
Mrs Brookes (HE Teacher)    
46 Barbara Cleaver Jennifer Cox Helen Hazell   Valerie Paish   Kay Morray   Mable Matheson
(Home economics teacher)
47 Alena Routh Rosemary Jordan   rosemary worvill Caroline Stone Julia Hodgkiss   Jean Stuchbury Margaret Bellwood
(Art teacher)
Julie Thornton  
48   Pat Green Dawn Winson Sheila Graham Caroline ? Vicky Tustian Jenny Goffe Ann Cripps (teacher)   Ian Davies
49   Tina Blackman?   Christine Sherbourne Ruth Kench Beverley Souch Anna Gatling Kim Hudson?
50   Jill Bennett     Carol Bell   Ruth Innes Delia Cummings Charlie Beard (teacher) Christine Lee  
51 Sarah Jane Walton       Jackie Newman? Valerie Paish Rachel Barrett   (teacher)    
52 Jennifer Cooper   Janet Giles Angela Kench Fiona Fulton Barbara Birchman? Maria Castenieres Caroline Smith Ted Adkins
  Duncan Jones
53 Jennifer Woodward       Judith Bobinson   Kevin Hood Jocelyn Craft Caretaker?    
54 Sandra Robins Helen Fearn Gail Burford OR Maria Hutchinson(Nee Oliveri) Jane Rathbone John (Pommy) Swann Keith Millard James Gentles   Mrs Graham
Daphne Abbott  
55 Erica Edwards   Colin (Goody) Goodway Debbie Thompson Tim Sandles Stephen Harris Chris Walman Kevin Morris (teacher)    
56 Oliver Wright Michael (Mick) Soper Peter Pinfold     Rocky Moore   Trevor Price Sally-Anne Forster    
57 Micheal (Spike) Sole Michael Breeze   John "Smiler" Miles   Michael Ridgeway Victor Denton   Clive White    
58 Peter Salt Martin Scroggs Malcolm Brain Colin Jones Brian Horrocks Kevin Spicer   Peter Gillingham Terry Oughten Kim Warner Kevin Stringer
59 Joseph Rinaldi   Valerie Hedges
Kevin Greathead Bridget Edgington   Rosemary Bunce Trevor Donnelly Stephen Mitchell Valerie Grieve Kevin Warner
60 Judy Butler Percy (Diddy) Hickman Ross Pearman Pierre Margetts     Rosemary Bunce Janet Hinchliffe Robert Stevens Linda Pinfold John Bunce
61 Janet Simpson Susan Howkins Lynn Hall Jenny Hall Sarah Brock Rowena Howling Yvonne Nicks Elaine Horwood? Ian Morrey END Paul Charles
62 Patsy Edwards Ina Beadle Mandy Goodway
Kim? Collette Greathead Alison Walman Val Gillingham   Simon Dickinson    
63 Julie Eden Karen Wilson Linda Fiddler?
Susan Little Susan Painting Sandra Woodcock Debbie Pearce
Lynda Pinfold Paul Merry    
64 Lorraine Alton Susan Eden Rosemary? Carol Coles Paula Smith Kate Smith Daphne Harris Lesley Legg END    
65 Jean Portlock Sandra Green Sue? Kench Christine Joyce Theresa Smith   END Elaine Linforth      
66 Kim Roberts Judith Teunisen Sharon Tompkins Pauline Witts Julie Dunbar Susan Keen   Christine Rudge     Paul Hunt
67   Linda Smith   Sue Brooks Lorraine Winchester END   Mra Aldridge school office      
68   ? Cantwell     Clare Innes           Robert Parker
69 Jane Peachey Pauline Pratley END Gail Canning END     Joan Perry (School Kitchen)      
70 END END   END       END     Tim Busby
72                     John Craft
75                     Howard (Binger) Benfield
76                     Michael "Sid" Jeffries
80                     Stephen Harris
82                     Stephen Homer
84                     Stephen Belcher
85                     Sarah Hawtin
86                     Tony Stares
88                     Richard Ellis
89                     Trudie Roughton
90                     John "Bonnet" Edgington
92                     Kevin Stringer
94                     Facing away from camera!
98                     Stephen Brain
99                     Vanda Boobyer
101                     Maude Aldridge

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