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Updated May 28, 2012
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This is the Lower School (1st and 2nd years) in 1978. My thanks to Sarah Morris (a fellow Hook Norton resident) for lending me the picture for scanning

Listed below the picture are those people identified so far. If you can identify any more, then please use the form below to submit the information. It is a pain I know, but we DO need to know the position of the person in the picture. A name on its own is no good! If I've got anything wrong then please e-mail me to tell me about it.

30% currently identified.

I have identified the following person

Name of person

Row number (1=back 5=front. Note that the back row does not extend the full width of the picture).

Position of person counting from left.

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If there is as yet no name in this position please leave the above boxes blank.

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Please make a seperate submission for each person you wish to add.


Identification list

Row 1, is the back row, row 5 the front row. Numbering is from left to right. A "?" indicates a tentative identification. Note that rows 1 does not extend the full width of the photo.



Row 1

Row 2

Row 3

Row 4

Row 5
1 Craig Barton   Roger Dix Stewart Findlay Terry Prew
2     Mark Stewart Kevin Tanner Spencer Hitchcox
3 Anthony Brown Anthony Brown Kevin Tanner   Dean Greaves
4 Dan Nightingale Michael Dinsdale Andrew Collier   Christopher Blundell
5 Paul Blackwell Matthew Harvey Paul Blackwell   Nick Kerry
6   Dave Sabat Steven Bolam    
7   Paul Wallington Philip Nobbs    
8 Gary Jacob Gary Jacob Lawrence Davies Andrew Salt Nick Ewart
9 Paul Durno Matthew Kirk Rob Coombes Andrew Barnes (Barney) Dean Sheperd
10 Steven Hawtin Simon Coles Johnny Morton Richard Dix Jason Biles
11 Steve Cox Anthony Willoughby   David Newman  
12 Patrick Cross Patrick Cross Paul Gardner Nick Yates John Coles
13 Mark Steele David Martin Alan Gibbs Richard Rench Mark Reynolds
14 Dale Stevens James Eddershaw Andrew Tomlinson Miss Taylor (Drama) Mark Bufton
15 Simon Caswell
Trevor Blackwell Phillip Donaghy Jenny Wooldridge (Special Needs)  
16 Paul Carpenter Dominic Oliveri Graham Clarke Jane Nichol (PE)  
17     Kevin Robson Don Davidson (Rural Biology) Steve Davies
18   John Cartwright Craig Mansell David Tomlinson (metal work) Paul Simms
19 Martin Anson Michael Watts Mark Sanders Mr Benwell (Technical Drawing) Jason Geddes
20     Gene Stowe Mr Linsdell (Art) Steve Davies? / Scott Leemin?
21   David Randell Jeremy Cockburn John Byl (Chemistry)  
22   Neil Hornsby   Tudor Nicholas (Science)  
23   Robert McCauley Peter Branch   Philip Stuart
24   Adrian Geoghegan Graham Harrison Mr Bolton (Careers) Andrew Lovegrove
25   Chris Fowler   Rodney Beacham (Technician) Matthew King
26 Michelle Dixon Joseth Oliveri Michael Legge Mr Hill (Woodwork) Wayne Peachey? / Anthony Eldridge?
27 Erica Leonard David Liddle (?)   Miss Read (History)  
28     Richard Backhouse Keith Miners (Geography) Colin Prew
29 Shelley Withers     Arthur Nockels (Headmaster) Ian Cairns
30   Micheal Eden Adrian Tompkins Wendy Jerred (Senior Mistress) Angus Cambrey
31 Stephanie Cox     Mr. Knightall (Deputy Head) Martin Cooper-Harris
32       Mr. Mugford (Geography) Christopher Clarke
33       Peter Scrase (Physics) Stuart Barnes
34       Miss Willing (Maths) Eric Kemp
35 Christina Clifton     Rob Pulker (Maths) Christopher Charles
36 Shirley Watts Stephen Jarvis Samantha Conway Les Hall (Maths) David Olliffe
37 Rosalyn Smith Conrad King   Mr Collett (Metalwork) Christopher Parish
38 Amanda Hawtin        
39 Nicola Bellenie Keith Stratford Alan White Mrs Mugford (Special Needs) Neil Cairns
40 Alison Bolam     Mr Waller (Music) John Hepworth
41 Yvonne Hovard   Nigel Hughes Janette Wallis  
42 Suzette Jordan   Neil Mcyntyre Julie Dutton Alan Kyle
43 Rebecca Kan Tony Bott Sean Millard Kimberly White Tim Aldersley
44 Lorraine Ludlow     Karen Shirley Rowan Bishop? / Martin Pratley?
45 Maria Price Martin Pratley   Valerie Pinfold? / Mary Darvil? Jonathan Adams
46 Jackie Bott Sue Taylor Derek Brain Angela Nicks  
47 Sylvia Newman Julie Coles   Nina Korszewski Kevin Harding
48 Julie Steel Sally Osmont Brian Page Rachel Keitley  
49 Victoria Stokes Carol Bishop   Helen Vallance Chris Eades
50 Trina Creed Emma Field Jo Blackwell Margaret Mare Johnathan Richards
51 Elizabeth Davies Cherie-Lynn Gregory.   Ros Clifton Stephen Cooper
52 Sarah Walton Julie W Sandra Heeks Mandy Moulder Jonny Morton
53 Rebecca Timms Tina Manning     Kelvin Eley
54 Sharon Townley   Annalisa Caldon Catherine McGeough Mark Stowe
55 END Mary Sutton Fiona Holden Janice Street  
56   Susan Pratley Kathy Manley Susan Leadbetter Sally Goodway
57     Karen McCallum Melanie Nash Anne Reed
58   Susan Turnock Sheila Ninham END Jayne Invine
59     Janettte Clement   Elizabeth James
60   Tanya Clifford Caroline Mansfield   Caroline Fitt
61 Terry Prew Angela Caswell     Rachel Deakin
62         Katherine Hoverd
63   Barbara Thompson     Sarah Johnson
64   Wendy Gibson     Lynne Rose
65   Heather Keefe Katrina Stevenson    
66   Rosetta ? Samantha Conway   END
70   Jeanette Legge      
72     Lesley Smith    
75     Hether Tylor    
77   Louise Morley Yevon Batmen    
78     Lynda Simms    
80   Sara Taylor      
81   Mandy Thorne      
90   Sally Benfield      
91   Charmaine Willoughby      
92   END      

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