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Updated April 20, 2016
I apologise for the fact that this picture is a little awkward to view on a web page. Being a long thin picture it doesn't fit easily on a computer screen. Please use the scroll bars to view the picture in its entireity.

This is the Middle School (3rd and 4th years) in 1978. Thanks to Peter Horwood for providing the photo and my apologies to him for taking so long to get it on the site.

Listed below the picture are those people identified so far. If you can identify any more, then please use the form below to submit the information. If I've got anything wrong then please e-mail me to tell me about it.

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Identification list

Row 1, is the back row, row 6 the front row. Numbering is from left to right. A "?" indicates a tentative identification. Note that rows 1 and 6 do not extend the full width of the photo.



Row 1
(46 identified)

Row 2
(55 identified)

Row 3
(60 identified)

Row 4
(36 identified)

Row 5
(50 identified)

Row 6
(37 identified)

1           Peter James
2 'Snowy' White   Antony Wallington Simon Preston Simon Preston Nicholas Clifton
3 Richard Smith   Jeff Watts Julian Backhouse Stevie Allen Steve Allen
4 Keith Eades   Michael Smith Will Page Scott Lehmann Robert Smith
5 David Hickman   Stephen Knight 'Dasher'   Tony Ladbrook Antony Dixon
6 Stephen Hazell Eric Aldridge Malcom Needham? Richard Center Alex Gourlay Tom Dutton
7 Gary Smith Garry Mackay Gary Mackay Martin Willoughby Terry (?) Willis  
8 Stephen Brain Norman Busby Jonathan Newman     Nigel Hovard? / Mark Amphlett?
9 Kevin Young   Peter Williamson David Panting David Panting Geoffery Reed
10 Anthony Harrison   Stuart Timmis Adrian Ewart Martin Didcock Tim Cooper-Harris
11 Colin Hoverd Colin Hovard Bernard Thorne Stephen Careress Ian Barbour David Peachey
12 John Invine   Paul Jeffries Stephen Clanfield Andrew Jacobs Nigel Gillingham
13   Barry Beddar Brian Buffdon Alexandro Caldon Paulo Oliveri Sean Woodward
14 Philip Allsworth David Shirley Steven Napier   David White Andrew Hancock
15 Alistair Terry John Leonard Timothy Tudge     Nigel Cooper
16 Andrew Maxey David Hargreaves Mark Lewis   Richard Austin Tim Jones
17 Kevin Nicks Paul King 'Mushy'   Ivor Matthews Kevin Drinkwater
18 John Taylor David Haynes Gary Cairns Matthew Keefe Simeon Harvey Brian Herbert
19 Andrew "Sid" Stevens Anthony Williams Neil Drinkwater Judith Marshall (R.E.) Mark French Bernard Harris
20 Martin Newman Kevin Taylor     Tim Dunston Anthony Newman
21 Nicky Burt Andrew Ellis   Mrs Pat Mannakee (Resources/Library) Wayne Rossiter Brian Stockford
22 Susan Townsend Mark Young Vincent Stockford Mrs Bradbury (P.E.) Andy Watson Kevin O'Brien
23 Nadine Brown Paul Findlay Keith Reynolds Mrs Sale (languages) David Mansell James Weston
24 Sally Tanner Gary Findlay Mark Amphlett Mrs Wright Martin Kiff Martin Quartermain
25   Jeremy White Jonathan Eden   Graham Evans Stephen Norris
26 Siobhan Gladstone       Tim Soper Adrian Bott
27 Tina Findlay Gary Findlay Robert McIntyre   David Cook Gary Williams
28 Sarah Hicks   Ian Page Mr Jones (PE) Norman Busby David Webb
29 Dawn Long   Adrian Branch Mr Nockels (Headmaster) Martin Ward Peter Horwood
30 Katy Cooper   Mark Vipond Miss Jerred Greg Sumners Tim Reed
31 Samantha Caswell   Bryn Molyneux Mr Knightall (Deputy Head) Peter Homer David Barnard
32 Diane Peachey   Chris Clifton Peter Scrase (Physics) Michael Ward Glyn Mason
33 Ruth Mann Kenneth Watts Iain Roddan Mr Mugford (Geography) Paul McBride Stephen Ducker
34 Genevieve King   Nicholas Mansfield Mr Miners Stephen Worvill Ian Betts
35 Dawn Rose Paul Renalds Philip Eddershaw   Ann-Marie Carreras Didier Tickell
36 Sarah Howes   Tracey Reed Gareth Lewis (P.E.) Kerry Shepherd Gareth Preston
37 Annabel Bryant Louise Fletcher Michelle Busby Miss Goldie (Geography)   Gordon Joiner
38 Linda Millard   Karen Storms Miss Wilson (Art) Karen Beddar Peter Fry
39 Natalie Thornton Karen White   Mr Shepherd (Biology)   Ron Crump (?)
40 Debbie Young Susan Robson Lynne Crawford     END
41 Tina Dunn Gillian Eaton Joanne Jarvis Helen Pulker (Special Needs) Caroline Nicks  
42 Janet Moreton Deborah Smith Carol Seymore Chris Pittaway (Special Needs) Lisa Center  
43 Frances Curtin Angie Francis Bridgit Moss   Laura Ford  
44 Joanna Leonard Tracy Hemmings Christine Forde Lynda Gardner    
45 Lizzie Cooper Tracy Griffiths Sandra Liddel Caroline ?? Diane Purchase-Rathbone  
46   Tracy Wallace Janet Rouse Sandra Dunn    
47 Sylvia ?????? Karen Beecham Diane Holmes Julie Gardner    
48   Rita Santhouse Pauline Attwell Caroline Jean Dale [Morris]    
49 Hazel Force ????? Smith Susan Cooper   Alison Soles  
50 Sandra Wiggins Karen Wise Anne Martin   Sarah Cartwright  
51 Hilary Pulker   Angela Smart Julie Keen    
52 Michelle Thornton Tracy Claydon   Trudie Stowe    
53 END       Suzette MacAuley  
54     Polly Tustian   Ann Hawtin (previously Fitton)  
55   Susan King Paula Simmons ?   Alison Smith  
56   Kirby Johnson Diane Watts   Lorraine Baker  
57   Lizzie Potter Karen Blackwell Maxine Melody Susan Tyack  
58   Linda Howie Anne Benfield END Julie Carpenter  
59   Caroline Dix Gillian Brain   Pauline Pratley  
60   Lacey Waterman     Alison Paige  
61   Catherine Wood Tina Harris      
62   Joanna Davies Wendy Napier      
63   Nicola Parish Dawn Prue   Julie Miles  
64     Vanessa Smith   Julie Matthews  
65     Lucy Robins   AnneMarie Sylvester  
66   Joanne May Debbie Stanbridge (Stan)   Susan Wallingford  
67   Helen Goff Carol Bettridge   Jane Cyphus  
68   Lynne Ashby Karen Tomlinson   END  
69   Gillian Waring        
70   Julie Martin Carol Bayliss      
71   Diane Harris Karen Hovard      
72   Tina Busby Linda Reynolds      
73   Julia Yates Angela East      
74   Rowena Bishop Julie Andrews      
75   Lucy Puttman Mandy Harper      
76   Catherine Nightingale Wendy McBride      
77   Julie Robinson Susan Knightall      
78   Andrea Watts Sharon Wood      
79   Sarah Taylor        
80   Karen Tyndall END      

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