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Updated May 4, 2012
I apologise for the fact that this picture is a little awkward to view on a web page. Being a long thin picture it doesn't fit easily on a computer screen. I have left it at its original size and resolution for ease of identifying particular people. Please use the scroll bars to view the picture in its entireity.

Official school photographs were not taken every year. One was taken in 1973 and then this one in September 1978. The picture shows Upper School (5th year and above) pupils. 5th years would have started at Chipping Norton in 1974 and can be identified by the fact that they are wearing school uniform. 6th years are 1973 entry and 7th years 1972.

Listed below the picture are those people identified so far. If you can identify any more, then please use the form below to submit the information. If I've got anything wrong then please e-mail me to tell me about it. Let's try and get all 296 people identified!

Notice the pen in the jacket pocket of teacher Laurence Eckersley. It's a Mont Blanc pen given to him on his first anniversary by Catherine in 1954. Mr Eckersley died in 1980 but his son Dominic (also in the picture) who now lives in Berlin still has the pen, having carried it around the world from continent to continent.

94% currently identified.


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Identification list

Row 1, is the back row, row 5 the front row. Numbering is from left to right. A "?" indicates a tentative identification. Note that rows 1 and 5 do not extend the full width of the photo.

Clicking on a hyperlinked name takes you to that persons details on the ex-Chippy list.


Row 1
(51 in row
all identified)

Row 2
(83 in row
82 identified)

Row 3
(74 in row
73 identified)

Row 4
(56 in row
all identified)

Row 5
(32 in row
30 identified)

1 David Innes David Heath Mark Hickman David Robins Colin Kerry
2 Chris Green Peter Aldsworth Johnny Betts John Mann David Leadbetter
3 Stuart Grantham Martin Barrett William Norris Dominic Eckersley Kevin Thornton
4 Richard Howett Paul Shadbolt Gary Stone Stephen Preston Robert Tyrrel
5 Rupert Cambray Trevor Warner Stephen Lowery Jonathan Davies Neil Witham
6 Simon Horn Douglas Roddan Steve Mahoney Michael Bunce Graham Sykes
7 Anthony Brain Peter May Terry Breeze William Blencowe Chris Bachelor
8 Paul Webb Michael Aldsworth David Linforth Steve Martin Andrew Floyd
9 Martin Guy David Thornton Nicholas Salter Keith Roddan Julian Bridges
10 Ian Winchester Simon "Ziggy" Fields Geoff Gibson Steven Heath Robert Aldridge
11 Mark Linnington Robert Harris Paul Stevens Joe Sumners Stuart Lowden
12 Richard Blackwell Garnet Thomas Nicky Clare Richard Eddershaw Martin Rogers
13 Timothy Millard Stuart Thornton Alistair Dunbar Andrew Davies Roy Mitchell
14 Phillip Allen Mark Stanbridge David Hicks Andrew "Wolfie" Smith Neil Preston
15 Russell Harrison Reg Crump Dominic Hammerton Richard James Gary Beacham
16 Malcom Aldsworth Fred Cousins Mark Thornton Will Messenger (physics teacher) Martin Watkins
17 Alan Stratford Darren Withers Mark Weston Laurence Eckersley (teacher) Clare Hargreaves
18 Andrew Robinson John McCabe Simon Mowbray Ian Grierson (geography teacher) Julie Howes
19 Francis King Thomas McGeogh Andrew Wood Phil Roberts (maths teacher) Henrietta Gaston
20 Andrew Wallington Stephen Dunn Steven Timmis Roger Kidd (special needs teacher) Vilma Fox
21 Julian Waterman Simon Sumners Martin Hall Ralph Mann (history teacher) Susan Dowell
22 Nigel Benfield Andrew Grantham Stephen Murrell Mr Lee (business studies teacher) Linda Moulder
23 Stephen Cairns Peter Eddershaw William Hemmings John Wooldridge (physics teacher) Linda Fry
24 Robert (Pez) Perrie David Portman Mark Smith Greg Stragnell (history teacher) Christine Mills
25 Janet Wilson Stephen Jakeman Brian Hooper Frank Howlett (language teacher) Mandy Humphries
26 Vicky Norris Peter Ellis Richard (Pil) Ward Dawn Addison (home economics teacher) Nick Jefferies
27 Susan Dyer Christopher Grimsley Russell Shearer Peter Scrase (physics teacher) Micheal Steele
28 Sheila Brooks Stephen Webb Roger Holden Arthur Nockels (headmaster) Stephen Jones
29 Debbie Lodge Michael Morris Robert Butler Miss Jerred (teacher)  
30 Marilyn House Andrew Wilson Stephen Thorne Mr Knightall (Senior Mistress) Ian Spicer
31 Lesley Howse Martin Harper Mark Woodward Mr Mugford (geography teacher) Paul Rhodes
32 Petula Seidel Andrew Murrell David Freeman Keith Myners (teacher)  
33 Paula Nicks Shaun Skeats Andrew J Stayte Mrs Matheson (needlework teacher) END
34 Sharon Willoughby Richard Brooks Derek Gibbs Mrs Swann (home economics teacher)  
35 Carol Caswell Karl Hibbert Robert Jarvis Shirley Adams (music teacher)  
36 Shirley Adkins Trevor Heritage David Blencowe Gill Parry (english teacher)  
37 Denise Stephens Derek Mason Andrew Center Mrs Dawes (art teacher)  
38 Amanda Gulliver David Barnes Jonathan Hawtin David Freeman (technician)  
39 Linda Woodcock Kevin Santhouse Gillian Tyndall Mrs Graham (technician)  
40 Denise Gill John Stubbins Susan Eaton Mrs Gomm (librarian)  
41 Linda Dinsdale Alice King Mandy Findlay Joanne Harris  
42 Tina Corcoran     Barbara Hemmings  
43 Sonia Gillingham Jackie Horn Beverley Bergstrom Sue Keen  
44 Patsy Legge Sara Wagner Rachel Wilson Claire Fletcher  
45 Claire Wood Alison Hayes Linda Fawdrey Helen Backhouse  
46 Jo Price Lorraine Kyle Rosemary Parsons Christine Turnock  
47 Alison Backhouse Sally Smith Teresa Panting Cherylin Bradford
48 Lisa Eden Lorraine Grief Helena Murphy Claire Cummings  
49 Violet Gourlay Debbie Brooks Rosemary Hall Louise Richards  
50 Katherine Eaglestone Lizzie Smith Joanne Wastie Suzanne Watkins  
51 Nancy Whordley Wendy Neal Sarah Thorne Rachel Barbour  
52 END Alison Clement Caroline Harper Diana Morris  
53   Belinda John Joanne Broadwood Heather Baker  
54   Rosemary Tyler Andrea Marston Sarah Boss  
55   Beverley Blackwell Debbie Howett Jennie Nicks  
56   Jill Morton Madeline Muller Alison King  
57   Wendy Fry Carolyne Coleman END  
58   Angela Smith Julie Underhill    
59   Julie Baker Nicola Clements    
60   Jackie Thorne Petula Brown    
61   Margaret Cyphus Debbie Legge    
62   Janet Hitchcock Catherine Tustian    
63   Teresa Beddar Katrina Ludlow    
64   Debbie "Beanie" Watson Diane Cole    
65   Alison Korzewski Della Stringer    
66   Julie Watts Jasmine Whordley    
67   Jill Thompson Avril Stevenson    
68   Karen Branch Wendy ?    
69   Vanessa Hicks Jackie Hutchison    
70   Sandra Scarsbrook Janice Molyneax    
71   Phyllis Miles Rosalind Baker    
72   Linda Steel Sarah Goffe    
73   Tracy Warner Carol Merriman    
74   Nicky Cook Vivienne Khouri    
75   Kim Brain END    
76   Maureen Shepherd      
77   June Haslam      
78   Tracy Hicks      
79   Karen Sharpe      
80   Joanna Taylor      
81   Debbie Coles      
82   Rhian Stacey      
83   Nicola Carter      

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