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Bronze Expedition

Steven Heath , David Heath & David Robins

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Photo: Ralph Mann

At the top, left to right, David Robins, David Heath and Steven Heath. In the foreground is myself, John Mann, not part of this expedition! The three participants were all friends of mine and my Dad was the expedition asessor. I therefore knew where and when they would be stopping for lunch. Of course, for a 14-year old it would be totally uncool to turn up with my Dad so I cycled out to meet them. My Dad then turned up in the car and was rather surprised to meet me there.

The location is, I believe, by "The Roundabout" - the hill fort by the A361 near Shipton-under-Wychwood (SP299213). If not exactly there it is nearby.

The primus stove belonged to the school.

I'm fairly sure this is 1976, it is certainly before July 1977.